Week 2: International Conference

The objective of the Bridges International Conference is to gather established specialists and young researchers around special geometries and moduli spaces.

Some of the topics will be manifolds with special holonomy (Calabi-Yau, G_2, Spin(7), Quaternionic Kahler, hyperKahler), instantons, various notions of stability (slope-stability, K-stability etc), together with the relevant moduli spaces.

The scientific range of the conference will extend from Algebraic and Differential Geometry to Geometric Analysis and applications to Physics.

Scientific Committee

  • Anna Fino (Turin, Italy)
  • Paul Gauduchon (Ecole Polytechnique, France)
  • Marcos Jardim (Unicamp, Brazil)

Speakers (so far)

  • H. Abban (Nottingham, UK)
  • I. Agricola (Marburg, Ger.)
  • V. Apostolov (Nantes, Fr and UQAM, Canada)
  • V. Benedetti (Nice, Fr)
  • O. Biquard (Sorbonne, Fr)
  • U. Bruzzo (SISSA, It)
  • A. Clarke (UFRJ, Br)
  • M. Garcia Fernandez (ICMAT, Sp)
  • O. Garcia-Prada (CSIC, Sp)
  • M. Haskins (Duke, USA) TBC
  • L. Ioos (Cergy, Fr)
  • J. Lauret (Cordoba, Arg)
  • J. Lotay (Oxford, UK)
  • A. Ortu (Gotheburg, Se)
  • X. de la Ossa (Oxford, UK)
  • R. Reboulet (Gotheburg, Se)
  • S. Salamon (KCL, UK)
  • R. Sena-Dias (IST, Pt)
  • J. Stoppa (SISSA, It)
  • R. Terpereau (Lille, Fr)
  • C. Tonnesen-Friedman (Union College Schenectady, USA)
  • F. Trinca (London Imp. Coll., UK)